Beary Happy Birthday


For a friend’s birthday at work we did a bear theme for her desk decorations. I was in charge of making the beehives and bees. After two days of paper mache and a failed attempt, I realized it was much much much easier to use paper lanterns.

Supplies needed: Yellow or orange lanterns, light orange streamers, craft glue, yellow craft pom poms, black pipe cleaners, and small googly eyes.

SuppliesFollow the ridges of the lantern to glue the streamers. I found it easier to cut the streamers into pieces beforehand.

StreamersTo assemble the bees use the black pipe cleaner to create stripes, and glue on the googly eyes. I glued the bees to the streamers, and used pins to hold the bees while the glue dried.

BeesAnd there you have it, a beary cool beehive!

hiveAnd..the birthday is not complete without a giant bear.




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