Happy Minion Easter



DIY Glitter Gift Tags

Stylish glitter tags for any occasion. A simple way to personalize a present.


No glue necessary! This double sided tape will do the trick.

Gold glitter found here

Arctic white glitter found here


A few different styles.



Gold thickers to use for initials.




Valentine’s Day Puppy Love

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Holiday Gifts

I was pleasantly surprised to find some time to craft this holiday season. I went from thinking I would barely have time to send cards, to spending a week straight crafting ornaments and gifts. Here are 3 handmade gift ideas for this holiday season! 1. Get ready for holiday parties! Dress up a bottle of […]

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EEEEK! Luminary Bags

It’s tradition in our neighborhood to have luminary bags for Halloween. A fun way to light up the path for trick-or-treaters! I used white paper bags from party city, found here. The idea behind this was to have “eeeek” and the rats running away in fear. EEEEK! Rats running down the pathway away from the house. […]

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Spiderweb Frames

Loving this simple DIY decoration- you only need frames and string! I already had some inexpensive frames, a few of which I had to spray paint black. Wrap and tie the string around to create the web. Also as a side project, I was decorating pumpkins with rhinestones =) Related articles 5 Spooky Spiderweb Projects […]

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Halloween Potions and Spells

This is a quick and easy DIY project for the perfect Halloween party scene! Create creepy concoctions using magic ingredients.  I gathered glass jars- great place to look is Marshalls or Target clearance for mismatched jars! For taller bottles, you guessed it- wine bottles! I mean, a craft that involved having to drink wine, sure […]

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Witches Bouquet

My favorite holiday is almost here! Okay, I’m a month early, but for once I’m not waiting until the last minute to frantically craft my decor. Mt theme this year is all black and purple. Sorry bright orange pumpkins, not going to happen. This vase can be used as a centerpiece, but as you’ll see […]

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Words of wisdom.

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Beary Happy Birthday

  For a friend’s birthday at work we did a bear theme for her desk decorations. I was in charge of making the beehives and bees. After two days of paper mache and a failed attempt, I realized it was much much much easier to use paper lanterns. Supplies needed: Yellow or orange lanterns, light […]

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