Heart Garland

Roses, cards, stuffed animals, conversation hearts, cupid..yep sounds like Valentine’s Day is approaching! Love is in the air! Here is a simple heart garland and heart centerpiece to add just the right amount of decor for the holiday!


Pink, red and heart scrapbook paper cut into different size hearts, tags and arrows. Pattern paper from Martha Stewart Valentine Paper Pad.


Pretty pink bows to add detail.


I used two different styles of sheer white ribbon. Then went back through with a thin red ribbon to add smaller hearts in between.


The finished garland! Love all the colors and patterns!


I came across pink and red styrofoam glitter hearts at Michaels- the perfect filler for a  centerpiece!


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Winter Snow

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back into the swing of things! It may be 70 degrees out, but this is what we call winter! I didn’t get to experience a snowy cold winter…yet, but I wanted to create that feel for decorations.

All of these decorations brought a snowy/frosty/winter feel to the room!

Shopping List:

  • Mason jars and vases of any size
  • Epsom Salt, found here
  • Assorted blue and silver picks
  • Craft raffia ribbon, found here
  • LED tealights

Fill the jars and vases half or 3/4 full of epsom salt.

I doubled up the raffia ribbon for each bow.


Assorted styles of blue and silver picks to fill the vases.


Winter centerpieces!


The LED tealights are used in the mason jars. The lights should almost be fully covered by the salt- giving off a light glow during the day and a white glow at night.



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