Happy Minion Easter



Valentine’s Day Puppy Love


Holiday Gifts

I was pleasantly surprised to find some time to craft this holiday season. I went from thinking I would barely have time to send cards, to spending a week straight crafting ornaments and gifts.

Here are 3 handmade gift ideas for this holiday season!

1. Get ready for holiday parties! Dress up a bottle of champagne or wine in holiday spirit by crocheting a santa hat and scarf.


2. Mini Christmas sweater ornaments.



3. Ice Skate Ornaments. These could also double as invites for an ice skating party!



Happy Holidays!


Easter Egg Decorating

I’m excited to share today’s craft for Easter egg decorating because it’s so simple! Great results & little effort! Win-win! I have so many plastic Easter eggs, and although they come in pretty Spring colors, they need some excitement!


Used for this craft: plain plastic eggs. The ombre ones are from Target 🙂


Assortment of Martha Stewart glitter.


Recollections adhesive pearls.


The best part about this- no glue! This double sided scrapbooking tape is the best thing since sliced bread.


Remove the tape backing and sprinkle glitter over. Brush off the excess glitter.


Again- no glue! I used a variety of adhesive pearls and gems.


Another option is Recollections glitter tape. I use a lot of these for scrapbooking and they look great wrapped around the eggs.



Close up of the decorated eggs.

These eggs will look great in a basket of Easter grass or in a vase for a centerpiece. The plastic eggs I bought have holes at the top and the first thing that came to mind was stringing them together for a banner. So many possibilites!

Hoppy Easter!

St Patty’s Day

Celebrate the luck o’ the Irish with these fun treats! Perfect for a celebration get together or to share some green love with friends and family.


Green everything! Candy and shamrock beads.


Green and cold coins.


Plastic glasses –> comes in handy for green drinks later 🙂


The finished glasses! Since making these the color green has really grown on me 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Vday Goodie Bags

Happy belated vday! A little late, but better late than never! We made goodie bags at the office for everyone so thought I would share!


Assortment of fun Valentine’s Day bags.


For the bag labels I printed Valentine’s Day images on stickers. Attach the stickers to heart doilies, and clip onto the bags using miniature clothespins.


Vday candy- Hershey’s Kisses, conversation hearts and Dove chocolates.



Finished goodie bags! ❤

Heart Garland

Roses, cards, stuffed animals, conversation hearts, cupid..yep sounds like Valentine’s Day is approaching! Love is in the air! Here is a simple heart garland and heart centerpiece to add just the right amount of decor for the holiday!


Pink, red and heart scrapbook paper cut into different size hearts, tags and arrows. Pattern paper from Martha Stewart Valentine Paper Pad.


Pretty pink bows to add detail.


I used two different styles of sheer white ribbon. Then went back through with a thin red ribbon to add smaller hearts in between.


The finished garland! Love all the colors and patterns!


I came across pink and red styrofoam glitter hearts at Michaels- the perfect filler for a  centerpiece!


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Ornament Centerpiece

I decided to mix things up a bit with my Christmas decorations this year. This centerpiece and side pieces involve no crafting! I took the opportunity to create Christmas decor by coordinating the right colors and pieces. Plus I was able to find everything I needed at Target! Score!


The centerpiece is on a large glossy red tray. The main attraction is the reindeer- it has a perfect silver rustic finish(So I had to buy two!)

Side Pieces

My theme is all red, silver and grey. I used a combination of bulbs, ornaments, snowflakes, and pine cones.




Christmas Clothespins

It’s that time of year when the holiday cards start arriving! This year I decided I want to display each card and incorporate them as part of my Christmas decorations. The variation of the cards + the clothespin decoration combined to make an eye catching arrangement.

Shopping List:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Christmas themed scrapbook paper by Martha Stewart
  • Snowflake buttons. I found mine at Michaels, called Dress It Up Sparkle Flakes.
  • Silver glitter paint. I used Craftsmart.
  • Paint brush
  • Tacky Glue

Start by painting each side of the clothespin with the silver glitter paint. Depending on how much sparkle you want, you may need a few coats.

Glitter Pins

Next, cut strips of scrapbook paper. Each piece should be the size of the flat surface of the clothespin. Glue two strips per clothes pin, one on each side, and let dry.


The snowflakes I used are actually buttons, so I had to cut them down to make the back a smooth surface. Glue a snowflake on the top of each clothespin.


Clip each card and hang from the garland.





Beaded Napkin Rings

In preparation for Thanksgiving dinner I wanted to make something to brighten up the table. I came up with the idea of creating my own napkin rings. You can easily change the whole character of your table by adding these fun accessories.

Trick to make these super affordable- use clear shower rings. A set of 12 was about $1 at Target!!

Other items for your shopping list:

  • Ribbon- I used a dark green with gold trim
  • Gold sequins
  • Multi color glass beads- I used Bead Gallery Amber Mix from Michaels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread or fishing wire

Each ring will need about 10 inches of ribbon. Start by gluing one end of the ribbon diagonally on the ring.

Wrap the ribbon around the ring and secure it with a dab of glue after each twist.

Once you are done covering each ring- on to the fun part and time to add color and sparkle!

Thread a small bead to start and secure the thread. Alternate one bead, then one sequin and so on.

Wrap the beads and sequins diagonally around the ring, leaving a little gap so the ribbon shows through. About every 10-15 pieces I sewed a stitch into the ribbon so it would keep its shape. When you get to the other end of the ring, use a small bead to secure the last stitch.

Can’t wait for to display these for Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂

I coordinated with Pier1 accessories: Dark brown napkinsheer bronze napkin & beaded placement.

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