Easter Egg Decorating

I’m excited to share today’s craft for Easter egg decorating because it’s so simple! Great results & little effort! Win-win! I have so many plastic Easter eggs, and although they come in pretty Spring colors, they need some excitement!


Used for this craft: plain plastic eggs. The ombre ones are from Target 🙂


Assortment of Martha Stewart glitter.


Recollections adhesive pearls.


The best part about this- no glue! This double sided scrapbooking tape is the best thing since sliced bread.


Remove the tape backing and sprinkle glitter over. Brush off the excess glitter.


Again- no glue! I used a variety of adhesive pearls and gems.


Another option is Recollections glitter tape. I use a lot of these for scrapbooking and they look great wrapped around the eggs.



Close up of the decorated eggs.

These eggs will look great in a basket of Easter grass or in a vase for a centerpiece. The plastic eggs I bought have holes at the top and the first thing that came to mind was stringing them together for a banner. So many possibilites!

Hoppy Easter!



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