Colorful Birthday Card

One of my favorite things to do is make cards- whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, thank yous or just because. Over time my scrapbook supplies have taken over my craft room, but you can never have too much! Once I found coordinating stickers, the rest of the card was made from miscellaneous colorful paper scraps.


Colorful Paper


Martha Stewart Stickers.

Cake and Cupcake Birthday Stickers

Blue felt borders

Recollections Pearl Stickers


Small, medium & large circles. For the smaller circles I used a paper punch.


Double up the circles, then glue to the cardstock. Arrange all the circles on the card before adding the stickers.


Almost done!


Don’t forget about the inside of the card! Subtle color coordinating to brighten up the note 🙂


photo (15)

Close up of the front of the card.





  1. soooo cute! we need to make some of those for the office!!! love them!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute!!

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