Beaded Napkin Rings

In preparation for Thanksgiving dinner I wanted to make something to brighten up the table. I came up with the idea of creating my own napkin rings. You can easily change the whole character of your table by adding these fun accessories.

Trick to make these super affordable- use clear shower rings. A set of 12 was about $1 at Target!!

Other items for your shopping list:

  • Ribbon- I used a dark green with gold trim
  • Gold sequins
  • Multi color glass beads- I used Bead Gallery Amber Mix from Michaels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread or fishing wire

Each ring will need about 10 inches of ribbon. Start by gluing one end of the ribbon diagonally on the ring.

Wrap the ribbon around the ring and secure it with a dab of glue after each twist.

Once you are done covering each ring- on to the fun part and time to add color and sparkle!

Thread a small bead to start and secure the thread. Alternate one bead, then one sequin and so on.

Wrap the beads and sequins diagonally around the ring, leaving a little gap so the ribbon shows through. About every 10-15 pieces I sewed a stitch into the ribbon so it would keep its shape. When you get to the other end of the ring, use a small bead to secure the last stitch.

Can’t wait for to display these for Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂

I coordinated with Pier1 accessories: Dark brown napkinsheer bronze napkin & beaded placement.


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