Brighten up Halloween

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy- add some brightness!

These luminary jars will make great decorations for around the house. You can even place them along the window sill for a great look from the outside.

The supplies for this craft are pretty simple! What you need:

  • Different size jars
  • Tissue paper- black, white, green or orange
  • Mod podge glue(or make your own with glue and water)
  • Paint brush or paint sponge
  • Acrylic paint- black, white, green or orange

Different size jars

What you need


  • Googly eyes for the bat
  • Black construction paper for bat wings
  • Green paper for pumpkin stems or leaves
  • Cobwebs and spiders

Start with one side of the jar and paint a layer of glue. Cover with a layer of tissue paper strips, and paint another layer of glue to seal it. Continue until the whole jar is covered. I found it easier to paint the rim of the jar with acrylic paint.

Glue + tissue paper

I made my jars into bats, pumpkins, Frankenstein and spider webs.

Frankenstein and bats

Frankenstein and pumpkins!



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